The Sunday Times Magazine 50th Anniversary exhibition, February 2012

In February 2012, The Sunday Times Magazine celebrated its 50th anniversary with an exhibition held at The Saatchi Gallery. I helped curate 50 illuminated, two metre high, light boxes that displayed a selection of the magazine’s celebrated photographic content, one panel for each year of publication. The images are in composite as thumbnails here for rights reasons. A short promotional film of the content is below

Unquiet Film Series – Photojournalism at The Sunday Times Magazine [Film]. 2017. Available at: [accessed 24 Jun 2023].

Photography 1962-2012:
David Bailey;
Eve Arnold;
Cecil Beaton;
Snowdon x 3;
Richard Avedon;
John Bulmer x 2;
Robert Freson;
Don McCullin x 7;
Time / Ronald Haeberle;
Eva Sereny;
Ken Griffiths x 12;
Stephen Dalton;
David Montgomery x 2;
Arnold Newman x 4;
Ian Yeomans;
Michael Evans contact sheet, plus 1;
Flip Nicklin;
Clive Arrowsmith;
Franco Zecchin;
John Swannell;
Peter Marlow;
Derek Ridgers;
Chris Smith (folio of 4);
Eugene Richards (2 stories);

Stuart Franklin x 3;
Eric Valli x 2;
Ben Gibson x 2;
Harriet Logan;
Andrew Macpherson;
Uli Weber x 3;
Nigel Parry;
Paul Reas;
James Nachtwey;
Richard Croft;
Jonathan Olley;
Fernando Moleres;
Chris Floyd;
Felicia Webb;
Jan Grarup x 3;
Peter Dench;
Hamish Brown;
Tom Stoddart x 2;
Anthony Suau;
Sam Taylor Wood;
Barry Lewis;
Alan Buu;
David Gillanders;
Terry O’Neill;
Tim Hetherington;
Platon x 4;
David Chancellor x 3.